Monday, 2 July 2007

Rules - Move Sequence

Alternate movement is used with one side moving and the other side firing.

A) Test morale of all shaken and routing units of the moving player.
B) Move all units that must rout or retire.
C) Move all other units as player wishes, but not within 1" of any enemy unit.
D) The firing player may change the facing of any unit without enemy units to its front within 6".
E) Firing player fires units at any enemy unit within range and up to 45o to flank, and calculate the morale effect of fire
F) Any of the moving players units which are unshaken may charge any enemy unit directly to their front if it is within 3" for infantry or 6" for cavalry.
G) Test the morale of the defending unit.
H) Counter-charge or Rout the defending unit if appropriate
I) Move the charging unit into contact with the defending unit if it stands, or its original position if it routs.
J) For units in contact calculate the effect of the melee and immediately rout or fall back any losers
K) Any cavalry having successfully charged may repeat (F)-(J) a second time if required


a) If a unit of the moving player routed during the preceding players charge or melee phase it is not tested for rallying this move, neither does it need to be moved.

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