Sunday, 21 September 2008

Gloucester Point break-out 1781

Work in progress - comments please

A nice what-if game. On the night of 16-17th October 1781. Cornwallis attempted to move his force across from Yorktown across to Gloucester Point to break out of the siege. Unfortunately the weather deteriorated and the rest is history. But what if the operation went ahead? The British have to break out within a time limit before the main American/French army could react and block their escape route.

British Forces

In Gloucester Point
Hessian Von Bose 1x 5sp
British Legion (Dragoons) 2 x 5sp
Queens Rangers (LI) 1 x 6sp
Artillery (6/12pdrs) 20 guns in 3 fixed batteries?

1st Wave arrives move 2
LI Abercrombie (LI) 4 x 5sp
Guards O'Hara 2 x 5sp

2nd Wave arrives move 4
Yorke 17th/23rd/33rd/71st Foot 4 x 4sp

3rd Wave arrives move 6
Erbprinz 2 x 4sp
43rd/80th Foot 2 x 6sp
NC Volunteers 1 x 2sp


Weedon - Virginia Militia 6 x 5sp (Mercers unit is veteran militia)
Dabney State Legion 1 x 4sp

Lazuns Legion
Infantry 1 x 5sp
Cavalry 2 x 5sp

French Marines 4 x 4sp

Deployment, etc.

I'm trying to find details of the terrain outside of Gloucester Point. Certainly to the east is the "Cedar" swamp blocking movement in that direction

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Revolutionary Route

Just discovered a very nice collection of pictures by the New England historical artist David R Wagner covering the French forces under Rochambeau in the Americas. Nice ideas for vignettes, etc.

Just a taster with Lauzun's legion in combat against Tarlton