Monday, 2 February 2009

French Revolution variant

I'm going to use the AWI rules with my French and Austrian forces and initially I'll use the rules fairly straight, but I'm sure in time they will change.

Firstly I want to represent the faster French manoeuvring, so I will incorporate the go-for-it rule from Bloodbowl. Once movement is completed the French player can attempt to move one unit per general an extra 3" if infantry or 6" if cavalry.  on a roll of 4+ they will succeed.

Commanders will be able to "inspire" units this will directly effect the units basic morale when under fire, etc.  I will probably give commanders a separate inspiration value to reflect this.  When it is applied the commander in positioned with the unit, but at the front/side, when attached normally they will go to the rear.  Hopefully this will reflect actions such as the bridge at Arcole.  The downside is that the same "inspiration" is added to any risk to general roll thus increasing the chance of injury!

Permitted formations will now include a battalion square (2 bases back to back) and a regimental square (4 bases in a block with one base pointing in each direction), either taking a full move to form

Austrian units my be "stubborn" so that if they receive a rout result from a shaken test, it may be converted to a retire a full move shaken instead on a roll of 4+.

Please use the comments to suggest further ideas