Saturday, 26 January 2008

Command and Control - ideas (1)

The AWI rules as written were developed before many of the "recent" ideas on command and control were developed and I have been considering how to incorporate them particularly for use in solo games.

In DBx, I've always felt that the pip system was too arbitrary, even with the CinC's ability to switch dice between commanders, it just feels too abstract and doesn't model the individual commanders abilities.

Warmaster (WMA)uses a slower system, but it's more effective at representing different commanders abilities, however, it does allow units to make multiple moves, which can unbalance the game system.

Fire and Fury uses a system that is more unit command/morale driven, but also includes the strength/exhaustion of the unit.

My plan is to use the WMA system with dice rolls (2d6) per unit/group in the order selected by the commander with the following modifiers.

+2 if the commander is with the unit (attached)
-1 Per 12" away from the commander
-2 If out of sight of the commander
-1 If 1 or 2 strength points lost
-2 If 3 or more strength points lost
+1 if a well trained unit
-1 if a poorly trained unit
-1 "group" move (several units belonging to the same commander moving together)
+1 if the CinC is within 6" of the commander (optional)

For example a poor general would have a rating of 7. he attempts to give a command to a militia unit 15" away (-1) that has lost 1 strength point (-1), and as militia it is poorly trained (-1). So a the general needs a 4 or less on 2d6 to succeed. Therefore if the general rolls a 5 with 2d6 he fails to give the unit an order, and can give no more orders to troops under his command.

After all command rolls are completed any individual units that have not tested for command can test independently using a command rating of 6. They cannot use this test unless their commander has failed on another units under his command.