Friday, 6 July 2007

Battles of the 45

Ideas for variations to the AWI rules to cover the 1745 rebellion in Scotland

Add a new troop type - Hordes , these are undisciplined close order troops (depicted by having 5 figures per base), Highlanders are hordes with the following characteristics

  • Morale +2 (e.g. the same as Grenadiers
  • If they receive fire and they remain unshaken they then have to test for a Highland charge roll 1d6 a score of 6 if out of musket range or 5,6 if in musket range results in a charge.
  • In melee against other foot they have a bonus of +2 if in a highland charge +1 otherwise
  • For firing either consider them muskets at -2 or incapable of firing or add a few light infantry units
  • Movement is as per close order infantry unless in a Highland charge when it adds 1d6 (inches if 25mm, cm if 15mm), it must move its full distance towards the nearest enemy unit
  • Charged infantry units +1 if normal charge, +2 if highland charge
  • A Highland charge does not cease until the unit suffers losses or suffers an adverse morale test.
  • Any unshaken Highland unit within 12” of other Highlanders already in a Highland charge also test to see they charge.

British infantry should be considered as a mix of well trained regulars and recently raised units e.g. before battle roll for each British Line infantry unit

  • Morale 1-3 = unchanged; 4-6 = +1
  • Firing 1-3 = unchanged 4-6 = +1

The British Cavalry are dragoons but their effect is no better then light cavalry so reduce their speed (partly because of the typical terrain to 12” in line 15” in column.

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