Friday, 6 July 2007

FAQs (1)

From Steve

Hi Will, as per the following, and first off - nice set of rules. We had a club evening last night and played a game using your rules with myself umpiring (well I had played one previous game before so they said I was the obvious candidate!) Two equal sized forces in terms of modified morale points, comprising a smaller, higher class Patriot/German army versus a larger American (with French allies) army fought to a good result in about 3 and a half, to 4 hours. The guys said they enjoyed it, and I certainly enjoyed the umpiring... but just a few questions;

Q1) There doesn't seem to be anything in the rules for "about facing" - the situation we had was that a unit routed from a melee, and recovered (just before the table edge!) facing in the direction they were routing ie. off the table. We had a fair amount of discussion, but basically agreed that they should be able to about face, and that that should constitute their move - were we right?!

Yes, if they rally they halt shaken for that move facing whichever direction they choose

Q2) Artillery seems to be quite deadly over long distances - the players were happy with this, but I'm toying with the idea of putting an extra minus 1 on the gun ranges on my perception that at longer ranges (ie. medium to long), the effect of artillery is more moral than physical - what do you think??

There must have been some good dice rolls, I never do too well when using them.

Q3) Artillery turning to face in the shooting phase - are we reading correctly that everyone including unlimbered artillery, can pivot up to 180' to fire at an enemy (ie. assuming no enemy to front)?

Yes, it may be a bit extreme in the case of the heavier guns but it is intended to cover the alternative movement problem - if you wish you could give a probability for them being able to turn to face e.g. on a d6 light guns can face on a 2 or better, medium on a 3 etc.

Q 4) Morale test for being charged - are the infantry and cavalry values the wrong way round for "crossing an obstacle"??

The values are -ve to improve their chances of standing or counter charging so don't charge LI at cavalry even if it is weakened. e.g with a strength 2 cavalry unit you would have to roll 6 -2 (Cav by non Cav) -2 (CO by OO) = 2 which is rout a 1/6 chance but there is a 3/6 chance of them counter charging.

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