Friday, 6 July 2007

FAQs (4)

Replys, but I need to find the Questions

1) Lost strength points are lost for the game, they represent a mix of dead, wounded, run off, captured and loss of unit effectiveness. I do have a set of untested campaign rules that I wrote over ten years ago - I'll type them up and add them as a text file to the disk. - these calculate the new strength for the next day etc.

2) Howitzers - the short range is canister, then there is a gap as the fuzes for shell's cannot (reliably) be cut short enough to explode at under 15"

3) If you look at the move sequence:- (D) The firing player may change the facing of any unit without enemy units to its front within 6". what you have to do is have a unit to the front then another can attack the enemy unit from the flank or rear - especially effective if this unit is cavalry as it can then used its second charge to roll up an enemy line.

The computer rules allow you to randomise units effectiveness - so that you can't be absolutely sure that Grenadiers are better than Militia

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