Friday, 6 July 2007

Rules - Firing

Units may fire at anything directly in front of a base and up to 45° to either side provided the whole of the target base is visible, in range and within angle of fire.

All Muskets0"- 6"NANA
Rifles0"- 6"6”-12”NA
Light Guns0"-12"12"-24"24"-36"
Medium Guns0"-15"15"-30"30"-45"
Heavy Guns0"-18"18"-36"36"-54"
Galloper Guns0"- 9"9"-18"18"-21"
Grasshopper Guns0"- 6"6"-12"12"-18"
Howitzers0"- 9"15"-24"24”-36”

To determine the effect of firing roll 2d6 and sum the scores and any of the following factors which may be relevant, if the result is 7 or greater the target unit loses 1 strength point. The same result is then used to check the target units morale. Note that a targets morale can suffer even though it has not lost any strength points.

Firing factors

British Close Order Infantry +1
Militia and Indians - 1
Firing unit has 3 or 4 strength points - 1
Firing unit has 1 or 2 strength points - 2
Firing unit is in column - 2
Rifles at short range - 1
Rifles at medium range - 2
Firing unit is shaken - 1
Guns at short range (canister) +1
Guns at medium range - 1
Guns at long range - 2
Target is in solid cover - 3
Target is in woods or soft cover - 1
Target is in hard cover or buildings - 2

(a) Canister can only be used when no friendly units are in the arc of fire.
(b) Overhead fire is only available to guns firing to/from higher ground and howitzers. Any intervening friendly unit must be at least 12" clear of both the firer and the target.

Morale effect of fire

This is tested using the same result as that used to determine the effect of firing. If the modified score of the firing unit exceeds the target units basic morale, the target unit is shaken.

Risk to Generals

If a general is with any unit that suffers losses from fire throw 2d6
2 - 8 No effect
9 - 10 Suffers a light wound and moves at 1/2 speed
11 - 12 Dead.
If a general suffers a second light wound he is incapacitated and is removed from play. If a general is killed all units in his chain of command within 18" are shaken.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Any thoughts on cavalry firing?? I know they did, but in a recent game DG made a good point - clearly a unit representing 80 men can't put out as much fire as a unit representing 150 to 250 men - so some kind of negative modifier is required (??) or do you not allow your cavalry to fire?