Friday, 6 July 2007

AWI Campaign Rules (Draft)


Although in battle units are represented by having up to 6 strength points for campaign purposes these are multiplied by 20 to give a basic unit strength. Therefore most units should start with a basic campaign strength of 100 points

To convert from campaign points to strength points divide by 20 and round to the nearest whole number (halves round up)

Battle casualties
Adjust the campaign strength points after a battle as follows:-
Per strength point lost -5
Unit has been reduced to zero -10
Per strength point captured -10
If a unit is fighting another battle the same day then temporarily reduce the campaign strength points by an additional -5 per strength point lost.

American Continental Line and Loyalist attrition and recruitment
At the end of each week roll 1d6 per unit to find the likely losses from end of enlistment etc.1-3 = no losses; 5-6 = 5 points lost
At the same time roll 1d6 for recruitment1,2 = no recruitment; 3 = 5 points; 4,5 = 10 points; 6 = 15 points

American Militia attrition and recruitment
I assume that the militia strength available will never reflect the military position at the time, they are just as likely to go home when they are winning as when they are losing
At the end of each week roll 1d6 per unit to find the likely losses from desertion, indian raids, planting harvesting etc. 1 = whole unit goes home; 2 = -10 points; 3 = -5 points; 4 = +5 points; 5 = +10 points; 6 = +15 points
After this roll 1d6 for all the militia units not present, if the score is less than or equal to the number of absent militia units then these will return for duty at full strength. (Dice for location of return)

European Replacements
Covers all units based in another continent where replacements arrive by ship e.g. British/German/French
At the end of each week roll 1d6 per nationality, if the result is a 6 then all units of that nationality receive 10 points of reinforcements
Additionally American Loyalists can be used to fill up British Regiments a maximum of 10 points per week can be added to a British Regiment. But the contributing Loyalist Regiment(s) loses double the points.

Overstrength units
No unit can have more then 120 strength points and any excess points gained are added to a replacement pool for the appropriate troop type.
For European units belonging to the same regiment the strength points can be balanced between the units if they are in the same location.

Eliminated units
These units continue to exist for the purposes of calculating losses/gains for the replacement pool

Replacement Pool
These exists for each type of unit for a nationality i.e. Artillery Cavalry, Line Infantry, Militia, Open Order and Rifles. Treat British and American loyalists as separate nationalities, and combine all Germans.
Points from Line Infantry can be downgraded to Militia and Rifle to Open Order
Once a pool has reached 100 points then a standard unit of that type used used by that nationality is created - eliminated units first. Dice for location (Europeans are assumed to arrive by sea)

Forced Marches
When a unit marches up to 50% further than normal in a days movement roll 1d6 for permanent losses 1-4 = no effect; 5 = 5 points; 6 = 10 points
If a unit marches between 51% and 100% further than normal in a days movement roll 1d6 for permanent losses 1-2 = no effect; 3-4 = 5 points; 5 = 10 points; 6 = 20 points.
No unit can march more than double the normal days movement
For militia add 1 to the dice, similarly for adverse weather, scoresover 6 treat as 6.

No allowance has been made for troop quality e.g. an experienced continental line unit should be better than a newly raised British line regiment - this is still being worked on - but for short campaigns it is not critical

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