Friday, 6 July 2007

FAQs (3)

(your comments prefixed **, mine with ####)

1/ When testing morale for a shaken unit, if you get the "retire a full move"
result (ie. 2 or 3) does the unit remain shaken at the end of the retirement, or is it then OK for the next turn ie. no need to test again?
** Unless It says so it is no longer shaken, consider it the same as rallying back.
#### Thank goodness for that - last game I had the entire British attack ended up continually shaken and heading for the back of the table and home!! :o)

2/ On the question of testing morale (for routing/shaken) have you given any thought to weighting the results for better/worse quality troops? At the moment the test is a straight dice throw for all troop types, but I was toying with the idea of using the unit modifiers as a modifier for the test as well? Thus European Grenadiers get a +2 when testing for being shaken/routed.. the only concern in my mind at the moment is that the +2 may be a bit high, it makes it an impossibility that they'll rout from being shaken for example...
** I had considered it and occasionally use it for Militia (-1), but the limitations of using a d6 restrict it. I could also argue that Militia units are more likely to become shaken so that in overall terms they are more likely to rout and vv. for Grenadiers
#### A -1 for militia, and a +1 for European Grenadiers would probably be all it needed - I'll try it next time I play - in conjunction with the clarification in 1/. it should make all units a little less jittery than they have been to now.

3/ Have you had any thoughts on the cumulative effect of the number of "shaken" results a unit gets in a turn? My thought was that if you get 2 or 3 "shaken" results in a turn, it would automatically become a "rout". At the moment once you get the shaken result, there is little extra benefit in "wasting" another shot against the same unit (this idea of multiple "shaken" results having a cumulative effect is a bit similar to the results multiplier in "Crossfire" which I always liked - it simulates the effect of multiple hits on a single unit eventually causing it to break and run)
** This is why in the computer version all the fire against one target has to be carried out together, if I made shaken cumulative, then I would have to distinguish further in the result of the firing scores e.g. 12= 2 hits etc. (ps I have boosted the result in the SYW rules). I have played crossfire a few times and I will have another look and consider if there is something I can add.
#### The effects of multiple units firing at a single unit is something I quite like - but I also wasn't aware that the program asked for all shooting to be "declared" at the beginning of the turn, so to speak. I was deciding who fired at what as I went along (I wasn't using the program). Will try out the "all shooting declared at the begininng of the turn" solution, and think about multiple hits later. I quite like the simplicity of the rules at the moment and am not in a hurry to make them more complicated for no good reason!

4/ Can cavalry shoot?
** On cavalry I have not found an example yet of cavalry using firearms separate from what could be considered melee.
### Cheers - guess my question would have been better if I asked whether the melee combat factors included firing (a la DBA) - cheers for that, obviously makes it more difficult for cavalry to close with the enemy so has to be more realistic!

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