Friday, 6 July 2007

Rules - Melee

Melee is resolved as far as possible between one defending unit and all the units attacking it, or one attacking unit and two defending units. All units that have enemy units to the front of any of their bases must engage in melee.
Roll 1d6 for each unit involved in a single melee and add any of the following factors for the relevant troop type where they apply:-

Unit is cavalry+2NANA
Indian UnitNA+2NA
Unit is European Regulars+1+1+1
Unit is attacked in flank-1-1-1
Unit is charging over an obstacle (stream, fence etc.)-4-2-4
Unit is charging uphill-1-1-1
Unit is charging a building-4-2-4
Unit is attacked in the rear-2-2-2
Unit is in open order or artillery-2-2-2
Unit is charging a fortification-6-3-6
Unit is attacked in the rear-2-2-2
Overlapping enemy unit+1+1+1
two or more bases deep (except light troops)+1+1NA

Compare the highest modified score for all units on each side. The side with the lowest score is the loser. If the difference is 2 or more the loser will rout immediately and lose 2 strength points(*). If the difference is 1 point then the loser will retire 3", loses 1 strength point, and becomes shaken. If the scores are equal both sides will retire 3". Where more than one unit is involved only one is effected, any others will retire 3". The unit effected will be that unit engaged to the enemies front, or if more than one then the unit with the lowest score.
(*) If the loser is attempting to charge a building or fortification, or where the defender is immediately behind an obstacle the loser does not rout but retires 6" and is shaken, and still loses 2 strength points.

Risk to Generals

If a general is with any unit that routs from melee throw 2d6
2 - 7 No effect.
8 - 9 Suffers a light wound and moves at 1/2 speed.
10 Captured.
11 - 12 Dead.
In any other cases if the general is with any unit that suffers losses from melee throw 2d6
2 - 8 No effect.
9 - 10 Suffers a light wound and moves at 1/2 speed.
11 - 12 Dead.
If a general suffers a second light wound he is incapacitated and is removed from play. If a general is killed or captured all units in his chain of command within 18" are shaken.

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