Monday, 4 August 2008

American army on parade

Having seen the 4th of July parade over on Tarletons Quarter, I felt inspired to do the same. Many of the figures are over 30 years old and are showing signs of wear, in particular the dreaded yellow bayonet disease, or in this case yellow muskets.

Overview of my current force with rifles/lights in the first rank, continentals and artillery in the second, militia in the third and most of the fourth. Finishing with cavalry in the rear. The majority of the figures are Airfix with a number of Revell/Accurate figures for the rifles and some militia

The right flank, rifles leading, followed by my oldest brigade the 1st-4th New York regiments (painted for the Bath Wargames Club's Saratoga campaign in the early 70s) followed by a militia brigade and then a small mixed brigade of the Lafayette Light Infantry and two regiments of militia.

The left flank, rifles followed by the additional continental regiments of Webb, Lee, Hartley and Sherburne (nearly as old as the New Yorkers) then militia brigade using Airfix figures and then one using Revell/Accurate figures.

My CinC stand (Washington look alike?) using SYW figures

The frightening part is seeing the variety in the basing of the units, I have been so used to just playing with the units, I had forgotten how varied and tatty they had become. I'll need to put some time aside to tidy them up.



Fitz-Badger said...

"the dreaded yellow bayonet disease, or in this case yellow muskets."? Never heard that one. Is it something to do with plastics or paint or varnish and aging?

Anonymous said...

A splendid gallery and army that made me feel quite nostalgic for the old days. Thank you for posting it.

Chris Kemp

Fire at Will said...

Fitz, the yellow bayonet desease was from the old days of airfix plastics when they were a pale-yellow colour, so when paint well off the most flexible part of the figure, i.e. the bayonet the problem was refered to as the Yellow bayonet desease.

Chris, thanks for the comments, I think we met once quite a while back at a WD conference (COW), which was the origins of the rules.