Wednesday, 13 August 2008

French Army on parade

Now for the French, like the Americans parts of the army are over 30 years old and has gradually grown since then. The early army was a simple force of 3 units of infantry (back then my European battalions were 24 figures strong), with the new rules they became 6 but little changed until the Revell SYW figures appeared, at that point I added quite a number of new units rounding off the force so it could fight stand-alone actions. It is also used for the SYW.

The entire army

Front two ranks of infantry are the two units of Saintogne units (depicted as grenadiers) and four units of Soissonais, Third and forth ranks are Deux-Ponts, Grenadiers de France (Naval Infantry in the Americas) and Dillon. The final rank is Canadian Militia so actions from the French & Indian Wars can be fought.

Right Flank

Shows one unit of light infantry from Lazun's Legion, one of the two guns behind is also from the Legion, if necessary the Deux Ponts can act as close order infantry of the Legion. The unit on the other flank is the Chasseur-Voluntaires de Sainte-Dominge.

Left flank

Although most generals are from the Airfix AWI sets, some SYW command figures were added.

Lazun's Legion cavalry led by the Duke

Except for the Duke they are Airfix conversions, If I get around to adding more I'll use the excellent SYW Hussar figures like the Duke, who just has a head swap.

As with the Americans the problem with carrying out this review is the highlighting the deterioration of quite a few figures. I never quite notice when playing as the lighting is usually quite dim.

Looks like I've got a project to tidy up all my AWI armies.


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Phil said...

It seems that we are on the same period for the moment! Very nice army, and very nice blog too!