Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Bemis Heights (3) - Terrain & Objectives

Final update 20th October 08

The British were drawn up in line on ridge covered by a wheatfield overlooking the middle creek. The open ground was 1000m, which was wider than the British could cover. At my normal scale 1 foot (300mm) represents 250m so the open ground extends 4 foot with woods on either side, a nice fit to a 6 foot wide table. The American table edge represents the middle creek. The top of the ridge is about 15" from the creek, so providing enough room for the Americans to move on without immediately being under musket/rifle fire.

One plan I have shows the area behind the British line as completely wooded, but I others show more open areas. The roads in the open have no effect on movement. Codes on the bottom of the map relate to the American arrival points.

To the British left rear are the Balcarres and Breyman redoubts with the cabins (only one depicted) in between.

Treat the forests as open woods

Useful battle map from the Library of Congress


American: To drive the British off the table - for victory in the game they must drive the British back into their half of the table and capture at least one redoubt within 20 moves.

British: They must remain at or in front of their starting positions up until move 5. Victory for the British player is holding both redoubts and causing at least double their own losses on the Americans.

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