Thursday, 14 August 2008

British army on parade

Finally on parade, the largest army, the British plus their German contingent, quite a lot when just laid out.

My original British wing, light infantry (Airfix nap French conversions) and Grenadiers in the front rank, the next two with Washington's army figures repainted as British. Then in the rear two British Grenadier figures used as Fusiliers and with a hat swap as line infantry. The guns used to be from Airfix Nap French Artillery set, but I upgraded them with the much nicer guns from the Revell SYW artillery

The German wing, front rank are Brunswick Grenadiers (Bearskin shaved down to give a mitre), second and third rank are the oldest figures in my collection the Brunswick regiments Von Rhetz and Von Specht (originally painted for the Bath wargames club Saratoga campaign) in the rear two ranks the Hessian contingent and accompanying jagers. The single gun is Hessian.

My newer forces, added to meet the needs of various scenarios. ACTA Light Infantry in the front rank (nice figures but rather slender) Second rank is a Revell/Accurate figures line regiment, plus a number of Piquettes (I use them in games at 1 strength point). Third rank are some upgraded Grenadiers (I gave them flags just for appearances). Fourth rank are Airfix Nap Highlanders with cut down bonnets to look vaguely AWI'ish. Rear rank is more Revell/Accurate figures painted as Loyalists. To the right is another foot guns and some Naval guns and crews for holding fortifications, etc.

The cavalry, light dragoons to the front, British Legion behind, in both bodies the first unit is the earlier painting. To the right of the cavalry is the Hessian Grenadiers. To the left is Tarleton posing!

That's almost the whole army, I do have the Italeri Light Dragoons, but they get used with my heavier British cavalry for the SYW.

Once again, I can see the need for quite a bit of remedial work.



Giles said...

Awesome stuff, Will. You can't beat the AWI for colourful parades like this!

Best wishes


Snickering Corpses said...

Will, what did you make the British cavalry from? I recognize the light dragoons appear to be cut-down hats of the Airfix British Grenadier officers. But what are Tartleton's Cavalry from?

Fire at Will said...

Tarletons cavalry are made from the limber riders in the Airfix Napoleonic British Artillery set.


Unknown said...

Very impressive and just started doing the Airfix sets myself so very inspiring.