Monday, 25 January 2010

River crossings

having just been experimenting with a recreation of the French crossing of the Rhine at Huningue on 11 Sept 1793 using rafts. See my Frundsberg blog for more details (link).

I worked on the basis that the river (Rhine) is 20" wide and that each move the raft moves 1dav across the river, unless.

a) The result is less than or equal to half the strength of the current, it which case the direction is reversed

b) If it is greater than (a) but still less than the current then the raft does not move either way.


Once all the refts have moved drift them downstream by the following

1" If within 4" of the bank
2" If within 8" of the bank and over 4"
4" otherwise

Drift the boats in sequence from the most downstream, any raft that hits another pushes the downstream boat further downstream and the downstream raft checks for collision


roll 1d6 for the downstream raft 6 = sinks, 5 all crew/passengers soaked, 1-4 OK

Artillery fire

If the target is hit by artillery roll 1d6 in addition 6 = sinks, 5 all crew/passengers soaked 1-4 OK

If a miss 6 all crew/passengers soaked 1-5 OK

Effect of soaking
Soaked units are not able to use their muskets for the remainder of the game and addionally have an additional -1 on their morale.


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