Friday, 6 July 2007

FAQs (5)

Hello Will,
I have been experimenting with your American War of Independence rules which I downloaded from the
internet from Peter Jones’ free wargame rules web site.
First of all may I thank you for making them available. I do like their feel and simplicity.
Secondly may ask you a few clarifying questions?

Tony, see below for comments for each item - since we converted to running the rules from a PC many years ago we have never spent much time checking some of the written details, rather we have concentrated on updating those on the PC. As per the origins they came from a Wargames Development session on the ACW with Charlie Wissencraft which when combined with some other ideas produced a workable and fun set of rules.

Q1. Item d) in the Move Sequence says that the firing unit may change face without enemy units to its front
within 6". On the other hand the section on Changing Facing says that a facing change may be made unless an
enemy unit is within charge reach of its current facing. This would be 3" for infantry (and 6" for
cavalry). Which measurement should I use?

Well spotted - we have always played charge distance 3" for infantry (and 6" for cavalry)

Q2. Again in the Changing Facing section it says the firing unit can change facing in order to fire or
receive a charge. How is the latter possible if it can only move if outside charge reach?

The unit can change facing to fire or receive a charge if it is not prevented from making the change by another enemy unit

Q3. Also can any firing unit change facing or only if one of these two conditions apply - to fire or receive
a charge?

If allowed it can do both - change facing and fire

Q4. In the Melee Table there is a -2 modifier in the cavalry column if the unit is in Open Order. The rest
of the rules seem to imply that Open Order only applies to infantry. Is this a mistake?

Again well spotted - the way I never use open order cavalry but it is consistent with the general intent - There are also some errors on the effect of buildings and obstacles where the infantry/cavalry factors are in the wrong columns

Alternatively is this meant to apply to light cavalry? If so, since all cavalry in the AWI was light cavalry,
why have this -2 modifier which is cancelled out in all cases for cavalry by the +2 Unit is Cavalry

The +2 applies for (light) cavalry v's normal close order infantry if they get into close combat. But open order infantry suffers even more as they have a -2

PS a key feature is too keep the number of cavalry historically low as once the proportion gets too high the second charge rule makes them too effective.

Note the rules have been updated since this feedback

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