Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Revolutionary Route

Just discovered a very nice collection of pictures by the New England historical artist David R Wagner covering the French forces under Rochambeau in the Americas. Nice ideas for vignettes, etc.

Just a taster with Lauzun's legion in combat against Tarlton

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Thomas said...

Ah yes an atomospheric series that gets better as he goes along. A bit niggly that he gets some uniform detail wrong on some plates (and no I am not going to list them!). This one shows some French infantry yet Lauzun's hussars were the only French troops present on this particular occasion. A day or so later the line troops who had been manning the fleet as marines possibly would have been present.

The picture dramatises, in quite a nice way, something that seemed to be something approaching cavalry 'tag' to judge from the contemporary accounts. I much prefer the picture to the reality!

Will are you tempted to work up a scenario? After all this is possibly the largest cavalry fight of the AWI. It could include the earlier foraging party and the ambush set (but not sprung) by von Ewald.