Monday, 14 July 2008

Bemis Heights (2) - American OOB

Final update 20th October 08.

Basic data comes from a number of sources, including Novak, Boatner, Morrisey, etc. The standard calculation is 50men = 1sp (Open Order 25:1), however for playability the strength points in some brigades don't add up to the overall strength.

Morgan's Brigade (500) arrives turn 1/2 (1) - deployed between A and B

  • Virginia Rifles #1 5sp OO
  • Virginia Rifles #2 5sp OO
  • Dearborn Light Infantry 5sp (2)

Poor's Brigade (1,500) - arrives turn 1/2 (1) - deployed between E and F

  • 1st NH 5sp
  • 2nd NH 5sp
  • 3rd NH 5sp
  • 2nd NY 5sp
  • 4th NY 5sp
  • 1st Conn Militia 5sp Militia
  • 2nd Conn Militia 5sp Militia

Learned's Brigade (1,400)- arrives turn 3 - deployed between C and E

  • 2nd Mass 5sp
  • 8th Mass 5sp
  • 9th Mass 5sp
  • 1st Canadian 5sp

Ten Broek's Militia Brigade (1,250) - arrives turn 5 on the road at E in column

  • Although actually ten regiments strong deploy on table at 5 x Militia regiments each 5sp

Patterson's Brigade (1,800) - arrives turn 7 on the road at E in column

  • 10th Mass 5sp
  • 11th Mass 5sp
  • 12th Mass 5sp
  • 14th Mass 5sp
  • Mass Militia 2 x 5sp

Glover's Brigade (2,100) - arrives turn 9on the road at E in column

  • 1st Mass 5sp
  • 4th Mass 5sp
  • 13th Mass 5sp
  • 15th Mass 5sp
  • 2nd Albany Militia 5sp Militia
  • 17th Albany Militia 5sp Militia
  • Duchess & Ulster Militia 5sp Militia

Benedict Arnold is treated as the overall comander, he arrives on turn 3. Each move roll 2d6, if the score is 11 or 12 he is recalled by Gates and takes no more part in the battle.


1) One brigade will arrive on move 1 the other on move 2, dice for which arrives first
2) Alternatively Dearborns can be deployed as two open order units each 5sp

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