Saturday, 8 March 2008

Rules available as Word document

A copy of the rules is now loded on esnips at link



Anonymous said...


I see that you have also produced a set of rules for SYW in Europe, has anyone produced a set of modifications to use them for the SYW in India ?


Fire at Will said...

Chris, I don't know of any modification of the rules to cope with the SYW in India.

I suspect that very little needs to be changed to the rules themselves, it will be more the identification of key differences in the troop types. e.g. the European trained foot can be regared as militia. The biggest change would coping with the irregular horse - applying factors alone would not be sufficient to reflect their behaviour. I'd probably use something like the impetuous behaviour that I have used for the Mamelukes in "Desaix in the Desert"